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Art Education helps learners develop creative problem-solving skills, motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness. The Pomelo Art Program teaches students to express their feelings, Ideas, and creativity.

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I love art class because…

…I can be creative!

…I learn how to draw new things!

…it makes school fun!

…when I’m in art class I feel like I’m free to be myself!

We Need You!

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Learn More About Our Art Teachers

Cathy Gunter

My goals for the children are to present grade level state art standards in a positive way to promote success and good self esteem. I feel every child deserves to express themselves through art in an uncritical and nurturing environment. I have found that a variety of mediums (materials) and projects allow the children to find their niche in art. There seems to be a project for everyone.

Many different studies have shown that children who are exposed to the arts through information and hands on experiences have higher IQ’s and are more confident in their school work in other subjects. As a parent, ask your child if they enjoy art at Pomelo. You might be surprised by their enthusiasm…

I have a BFA from USC with an emphasis in 2 dimensional art and a minor in art history.

I have a MFA from USC in 2 dimensional art with an emphasis in watercolor and lithography. I have 25 years experience working with children at Pomelo teaching art at every grade level. Prior to this I ran a successful mural painting business (still do) and a needlepoint design business for 7 years.

Aida Abkarians

My name is Aida Abkarians, and for over thirty years I have been a proud resident of West Hills.

I am a Wife, a Mother, and a two time cancer survivor. After receiving my Bachelors Degree in Art, I had the distinctive pleasure of teaching art for more than two decades to thousands of children at Pomelo Community Charter School. Over the years I have co-chaired different PTA committees for my children and yours, always aspiring to do what I can to improve our community. I’ve pestered hundreds of you to donate Holiday toys to the Children of Child-help USA and in the past year I have established a charity called the Sunshine Club to help the less unfortunate in West Hills  and surrounding communities by donating household items, non perishable food and toiletries and used clothing to different food banks and organizations.

Two years ago I had the privilege of being elected to serve at The West Hills Neighborhood Council. Currently I Co-Chair the Youth and Education Committee, serving  eight Public Elementary schools in West Hills. I am also an active  member of the following Committees,  Public Health, Zoning and Planning, Bylaws, Budget, Homelessness, Government and Senior/Community Center.  It is an honor for me to serve you and the interests of our beautiful community.

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