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Computer Lab

Computer literacy means having the knowledge and ability to use computers and related technology efficiently. Learning to effectively use computer technology gives kids a lifelong tool that they can use to access resources and information, conduct research, explore creatively, and expand their knowledge.

Wow! 90% of parents say they want their kids to learn computer science, but only 30% of public schools offer computer classes!

The Panther Fund helps make sure Pomelo is one of those schools.

Pomelo Community Charter and Arts & Sciences Magnet partners with the Computerwisekids to teach our students basic computer skills, word processing, creating presentations, online safety, coding, robotics and much more!

Computerwisekids follows the ISTE standards of Technology Education and 2018 CA Computer Science Standards. Computerwisekids teaches our students the basic skills needed to interact with a computer, iPad, or Chromebook using a program that is fully integrated with their classroom curriculum.

We Need You!

Your donation to the Panther Fund helps us keep the Pomelo Computer Lab and other vital enrichment programs going. Learn more about opportunities to contribute here!

Check Out Pomelo’s Computer Lab Program!

In addition to Computerwisekids, our school has a wonderful computer lab and computer literacy program led by Mr. Michael Sheets.  In the past, students who have participated in this program also had access to the lab during their free time.

The computer literacy curriculum includes:

  • Learning  computer teminology (i.e. operating system, RAM, CPU)
  • Keyboarding skills via Type to Learn 4
  • Word processing skills
  • Presentation skills via Power Point software
  • Learning how to do research on the internet correctly and safely
  • Learning other software programs such as Windows Movie Maker.

By the end of 5th grade, students:

  • Can compete for a culmination award of an engraved “Silver Mouse” by completing all 34 TTL4 lessons with the highest WPM and best accuracy
  • Are proficient in using a word processing program to create a writing folder
  • Can create effective presentation/power point slide shows
  • Can do research on the internet without falling into the ‘Wikipedia pitfall’

Meet Mr. Sheets!

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful teacher running this program for the last 4 years.  Mr. Michael Sheets has a B.S. in Marketing Mgmt & Promotions from CSULA.   He had previously worked as an IT and Network manager for Scott Public Relations for 7 years.  He also owns his own business that does search engine optimization for small and middle size businesses for last 4 years.

In addition to running the computer lab program, Michael also does a host of other duties at Pomelo.  He is in charge of educating the teachers on all computer related school matters.  He keeps classroom desktops upgraded and running.  He maintains the school’s wireless network.  He also assists teachers in creating special projects for students.

Michael has also coached his son and daughters’ soccer teams for over 13 years combined. He has been a techie since high school in Minnesota.  He created a golfing program in the way-back days.  He’s stayed on the periphery of the tech field until diving in full-time 7 years ago.  And he also loves to read.

How can parents support their child’s computer education?

  • Download a home computer typing program. You can purchase one, but there are also many free versions. Your local public library may be able to provide you with a free subscription.
  • Ask them what they learned new for the week regarding a technical detail about the computer
  • Ask them to demonstrate using a word-processing program and create a paragraph or two for you
  • Ask them to demonstrate creating powerpoint-type slide shows
  • Encourage them to read and take reading practice quizzes through the Accelerated Reader program
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