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P.E. (Physical Education)

Pomelo’s physical education or (psychomotor) program is based upon an all inclusive, elementary school standards based program called Sport For All. This program helps children learn sport skills and other physical activities in developmentally appropriate ways. The program teaches basic motor and fitness skills and meets all federal, state and district requirements. Our program also focuses on teaching the children about good sportsmanship and working together as a team, as well as the importance of a healthy diet, daily exercise and encourages the children to achieve their own personal best.

Before being employed by LAUSD and Team Pomelo, I was a florist for ten years, worked at Gelson’s Supermarket, did book keeping for The Home Depot and was also a child care provider. In 2004 I began as a volunteer P.E. Coach here at Pomelo. During that first year I gained knowledge of the program by coaching many grade levels. I was also trained to coach by Chad Fenwick who was, and still is the LAUSD Physical Education Curriculum Advisor. I take part in professional development training classes for P.E. Coaches and currently have two years of college under my belt, most recently having completed courses in Child Development. I am continuing to further my education. In 2005 the P.E. Coordinator / Head Coach moved out of state. Members of Team Pomelo as well as Mrs. Gardner knew that I had worked hard in the program and was dedicated to it, so they offered me the chance to take over the

Some of my responsibilities as P.E. Coordinator / Head Coach include; enlisting the help of parent volunteers at the beginning of each school year, teaching the volunteers appropriate games and activities for each grade level of P.E., planning and preparing lesson plans for games and activities of different grade levels every day, helping the fifth graders train for and complete fifth grade fitness testing each year, replacing playground equipment such as basketball and volleyball nets as needed, ordering, maintaining and keeping inventory of general playground equipment as well as specialized P.E. equipment, teaching the children problem solving skills on the yard, being the referee and the “nurse” when accidents do occur.

My goal is to ensure that our children have the tools that they need to be happy, healthy and physically fit!

Thank you for supporting our P.E. program!

Coach Monica Reming

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