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Reading Intervention Lab

Reading Intervention Lab

Reading Intervention Lab, known for short as Reading Lab, has been operating at Pomelo for close to fourteen years. This in-house tutorial was created by Reading Specialist Barbara Powell, and was originally funded by a state literacy grant, in order to provide at risk readers and writers with a chance to be successful in language arts. Through small group instruction, students from various grade levels work from curriculum specially designed by Mrs. Powell and Reading Aide Dena Baker, who are professional experts in the standards of every elementary grade level; they are equipped to provide re-mediation to any student. They are unlimited in the types of materials they present to their students, so that each learning style is accommodated. Lessons are specifically taught to address the needs of each individual student as well as their class group; hence the instruction is highly personalized according to auditory, visual, and tactile modalities. Some of the many areas of concentration include; phonemic awareness, high frequency sight word recognition, oral fluency, and oral and written comprehension and expression.

Besides continuous instruction, Mrs. Baker also individually tests and assess many students throughout the year, and meets with classroom teachers to develop and refine strategies to improve reading and writing skills, as well as demonstrating writing lessons for whole classrooms. Additionally, Reading Lab has provided play production, reader’s theater, and enriched/differentiated instruction as well. At one time, Reading Lab even provided math tutorials, as well as sponsored the Rolling Reader Mentor Program. Reading Lab materials which include many different series of books for each grade level, phonetic manipulatives, word games, word flash cards, and graphic organizers have all been donated to the program, or bought or designed by Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Baker. Throughout the years, Reading Lab has been a highly innovative program; truly unique among LAUSD schools.

Please stop by and observe our program in action; our door is always open.

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