Who Are We?

Team Pomelo was founded to foster community and to provide financial support for ongoing enrichment programs for the students of Pomelo Community Charter Elementary School and Arts & Sciences Magnet.

Enrichment programs are offered to Pomelo students to supplement the basic education provided by LAUSD curriculum. Team Pomelo partners with the school to make a well-rounded education, including music, art, computer, science, and garden available for our kids. We also help pay the salaries of many of the classroom, playground, and office aides who keep our campus a safe and happy place to learn.

We can’t do what we do without your support. Keep your eye out for opportunities to volunteer with Team Pomelo, to participate in fundraising activities, to contribute to our annual campaign, and join Team Pomelo in making our school phenomenal.

Questions? We’ve got answers!

Why join PTA?

There are numerous parent groups out there, but there is only one PTA. Connecting families and schools for 120 years, PTA is the largest children’s advocacy organization in the country. Here are just a few reasons to join PTA:

  1. Connect – Find out what’s happening at your school
  2. Discover – The PTA offers a variety of programs and materials
  3. Speak up – PTA gives you a “seat at the table” when important decisions are made at your child’s school
  4. Be a role model – By becoming a PTA member you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance of their education
  5. Benefits – PTA member enjoy exclusive member perks such as discounts at Legoland, Aquarium of the Pacific & more. See details and more discounts at:
  6. Make a difference – Our members have helped advance local, state and national laws and policies to improve education, health and safety of all children

Is the PTA run by the school?

No. The school and the PTA are completely separate from one another, but we work together to help better the educational system.  The PTA was created to supplement the school with funds, programs, and events.  The PTA Board of Directors is made up of parent volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to the education and well-being of our students

How much is PTA membership and what does it pay for?

PTA membership is only $10! A portion ($6) is sent up to support the work of our council PTA , district PTA, California State PTA and National PTA. The remaining amount supports our local programs.

Why should I have to pay PTA membership and donate to Panther Fund?

Team Pomelo PTA supports many programs including Art, Reading, Computers, PE, aides for classroom and yard supervision.  We are also supporting our brand new Garden program.   As you can imagine the expenses for these programs run in excess of $200,000.  The residual membership fee of $4 can not sustain these expenses.  We do various fundraisers to support these programs including our biggest fundraiser, the Panther Fund.   We hope that you agree that these programs are important.

How do I become a PTA Member & pay for membership?

It’s easy!  If you like to pay online:

If you like to pay by check, download this flyer






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