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Reading Intervention Lab

We all know reading is important. For kids, learning to read helps develop language skills, builds self-confidence, supports independence, and opens the door to more advanced learning.

The Pomelo Reading Lab offers students K-3 the opportunity to enhance their reading abilities through small group learning and lessons designed to individual needs and abilities.

The Pomelo Intervention Reading Lab provides:

Reading intervention
Reading enhancement
Classroom support

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More about the Reading Intervention Lab:

The focus of the Reading Lab is to provide struggling readers and writers with a chance to be successful in language arts. 

The Reading Intervention Lab opened at Pomelo in 2006. The Reading Lab follows an in-house tutorial program was created by our own reading specialist, Barbara Powell. Students from various grade levels work in small groups to follow curriculum specially designed by Mrs. Powell and Reading Aide Dena Baker, who are experts in the reading standards of every elementary grade level. They provide extra help to any student who needs support.

Lessons are taught to address the specific needs of each student and their class group. Instruction is personalized according to auditory, visual, and tactile skill levels. Examples of areas of concentration include phonemic awareness, high frequency sight word recognition, oral fluency, and oral and written comprehension and expression.

Currently the Reading Lab serves approximately 75-80 students from grades K-3. Kindergarten students participate in 30-minute small group sessions 2-3 times a week. Kinder students who are already reading above their grade level receive instruction weekly with a Reading Enrichment program.

Students practice reading the stories in the intervention series in their classroom anthologies for fluency and comprehension. Students also practice all high frequency words for their grade level. The Reading Lab also provides classroom support to teachers who have identified students who may need small group instruction in specific skills, such as learning to write paragraphs and stories.

The Reading Lab was originally funded by a state literacy grant. It is now funded through a combination of funds from Pomelo’s charter grant and Team Pomelo’s Panther Fund. Learn more about opportunities to contribute here!

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